Welcome to Financial Management Technologies

Welcome to Financial Management Technologies

Our Company History

Our mission is to help our clients in the Financial Services industry realize their corporate objectives by delivering unique software application solutions that address their business needs.

Privately owned and operated, FinMT was established in 2000. The company benefited from a stellar senior management team with extensive software development and management consulting experience, since its early days. 

FinMT has been providing industry-leading solutions to the Canadian marketplace for over 15 years, and account some of the most prestigious Canadian banks and asset managers as its clients. FinMT is known to have long-standing relationships with its existing clients. In fact, since inception FinMT has a constant growth in client base over the years and 100% client retention rate.  

FinMT has adopted an organic growth strategy, with a strong preference for a authentic evolution on its products and maintained a highly selected team of staff members.   

Global Markets


01 Montreal Operations

For the first 5 years of FinMT’s operations, all products and consulting services were sold to Montreal based clients.   

02 Toronto Office

Located within the Financial District, FinMT’s Toronto office is the Canadian headquarter of the company. The company’s senior management team and major R&D initiatives reside within this office.  

Core Values



At FinMT, we believe in doing the right thing, and always being honest and caring towards our clients and our team members. We have a client-centric approach. We never over-sell our capabilities, and we always work hand-in-hand with our clients to solve the toughest technical problems. As a company, we always deliver on our promises.  


At FinMT, we understand continuous innovation is the only long-term growth strategy. While we are proud of our accomplishments, we are never complacent. We continue to incorporate innovative ways of thinking, innovative methods to utilize data, and innovative approach to construct software into our daily execution. Our technology is always alive, with new possibilities always ahead.


At FinMT, we know our social responsibility to the local community and the global community. We actively contribute to various worthy causes, such as fighting against poverty, cancer, and workplace inequality.  

Our Consulting Service

FinMT’s Athena Division is the company’s management and technology consulting service arm with the sole focus on delivering superior advisory service to its Capital Markets clients. Like the Greek goddess it is named after, our consultants strive to be the embodiment of wisdom, strength, victory, and have earned their place as the trusted advisors to our clients.


Experience, insights, and loyalty, are some of the absolute requirements for consultants in the Athena Division. All consultants hold advanced degrees and certifications in their asset/technology specialty, with an extensive professional track record of success. Through careful primary and secondary research, expertise in industry trends, strong technical analytical abilities, and productive client interactions, our consultants are able to identify multiple paths to success when facing ambiguous situations and complex problems. With the exception of regulatory and compliance projects, our consultants cannot be cross-assigned to multiple clients that are direct competitors. Our belief is that, given a competitive landscape, we cannot be profiting and advising both sides of the competition.  

Software Re-vitalization

Our consultants have worked closely with clients, and identify the current state of legacy systems, and re-create a new platform with new technology to achieve the same or more business objectives while drastically reducing operating costs.

Front Office

Our consultants have successfully led the selection, migration, decommission, and upgrade of the primary fixed income and fixed income derivatives trading systems in 3 out of the 5 top Canadian banks.

Middle Office

Our consultants have successfully completed and are currently participating in the implementation of various regulatory and compliance projects, such as Basel II, MiFID2, and FRTB

Our Products

FinMT has developed 6 software products as of today: FinALPS, CashMan, FinPools, FinPanel, FinFee, and FinDash, with the first 3 products forming the foundation of the company’s core strengths.


All FinMT software applications are developed with the .NET framework.

 These applications can be used as a standalone application or as a suite of fully integrated applications. Furthermore, each application is connected with a backend security and market data provider via industry standard data link, thus making all FinMT applications backend agnostic. This design provides the maximum flexibility for FinMT products to be

seamlessly adapted into the client’s application ecosystem

We help to grow your Assets Under Management



FinALPS is a powerful and flexible fixed income portfolio management tool used to build, value, analyze and manage respective portfolios via web interfaces. FinALPS affords the visibility into transactions that a portfolio manager needs, as well as powerful search capabilities for in-depth queries, useful for research analysts and quantitative analysts.  



CashMan is an investment cash management system designed for bond and money market trading. This application enables security dealers, brokers, and asset managers to lower administration costs, eliminate overdrawn trades and under-invested cash, thus increasing profitability and minimize compliance risk exposure.  



Mobile executive dashboard application to provide real-time business performance information. Have you ever wondered, how is your business is performing at this moment? FinMT has developed a mobile dashboard application that will provide real-time mission-critical enterprise business information.   



FinPanel is a flexible and highly adaptable compliance-rules engine and guideline builder. It provides asset managers and compliance officers with the necessary tools to demonstrate robust risk-management controls to clients and regulators. Our powerful system allows for simple and efficient customization without the need of IT support or programming skills. Use our pre-set "out of the box" rules for fast adoption, and then build the perfect system to meet your needs, adding new rules as required.   



FinMT provides an advanced Fee and Statement Generation hosted software service called FinFee.

This service enables Portfolio Managers, BackOffice teams and personnel to easily prepare, manage and generate their client Invoices and Statements.

With our proven service, this is done in a much more efficient and transparent way compared to a manual process using spreadsheets.

The Management Team


FinMT is a small company with big power, and our “secret-sauce” is our talent. We are a flat organization with a sharp focus on meritocracy, and truly values character, work ethics and intellectual curiosity above all else.  

Get in Touch

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